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How do I apply?
Each enquiry made to the Principal is logged onto our system and you are placed automatically on a waiting list at no charge. Once a position is available, on request, application forms are emailed and an enrolment fee is paid (R600 for 2012). Once proof of payment is received and the enrolment forms are complete, a letter of acceptance is issued to the family.

Who are the teachers and what ages do they teach?
• Cathy Williams (H.D.E. University of Natal) teaches the Duckling Class at 36 Vrymansfontein Street (this will ultimately become the 3 year old class in 2013). Lynda Lorimer is the assistant teacher.
• Tracey Flynn teaches the Star Fish Class at 16 Kanonberg Street (this will ultimately become the 4 year old class in 2013). Anna Trow is the assistant teacher.
• Belinda Benadie teaches the Jellybean Class at 70 De Bron Avenue (this will ultimately become the 5 year old class in 2013). Mary Page is the assistant teacher.
• Lauren Helstrip (B.Ed in Foundation Phase) teaches the Grade R Class at 70 De Bron Avenue and her teacher aid is Precious.

Who owns the school?
Kids Can is an independent school owned and managed by the Principal, Cathy Williams.

Safety policy?
All three campuses are registered with the Health Department, the Municipality (Kenridge and Bellville), the Fire Department, the Social Development Department and the Western Cape Education Department. The day-to-day running of the school is closely monitored to ensure that the utmost care is taken with the well-being of each child who attends Kids Can.

How are the children disciplined?
We are proud of the fact that we provide a nurturing environment for the children to grow and develop in – this is largely due to the calm but firm approach we use with the children. Teachers do not need raised voices to get their message across. We do a lot of talking, explaining why certain behaviour is not acceptable so that the Tot can learn from the experience. We do have a “time-out” system which is used in the classroom. No Tot is isolated or ridiculed in front of his/her peers. Time out is age based i.e. 3 year olds take a 3 minute time-out, 4 year olds, 4 minutes etc. We also make use of a “Be Good Chart” which encourages positive behaviour and is reward-based.

What feedback is there? Is there communication between teachers and parents?
Most definitely! Whether via the notebook in the Tots bag, telephonically, electronically or face-to-face, all educators are available to discuss issues of concern. Moms meet once a term with their Tot’s teacher, and there are also individual progress interviews with both parents half yearly in June and December. We are very much a family concern – the wellbeing of each Tot is paramount!

What medium of instruction is offered?
Kids Can is an English school and all tuition is provided in English.

What are the religious/spiritual values at the school?
We are a Christian-based school offering weekly Bible tuition and daily prayers at meals.

Are there aftercare and holiday care facilities at the school?
This is not offered at present.

What are the school hours?
• 3-5 year olds 8h30 – 12h30 (Mon – Fri)
• Grade R (6 year olds) – 8h00 – 13h00 (Mon – Fri)

Are teachers allowed to medicate the children?
It is against the Health Department rules for any employee of the school to administer any form of medication to any child. If a Tot becomes ill during the course of the day and requires medication (First Aid treatment excluded – ALL educators are qualified First Aiders) parents will be called immediately and will be asked to fetch their child.

What happens on rainy days?
The children at Kids Can are not sent out in the rain to play and therefore do NOT require Wellington boots. On the contrary “gumboots” are discouraged as they are not suitable for children to climb and play in. There are systems in place to keep all children dry and warm throughout the day. These will be explained to you when you join the school. Fun “rainy-day-only” activities are organised to keep little minds stimulated and happy despite the weather outside!

Our Mission

To provide a safe, nurturing environment where young children are encouraged to take their first steps to independence.

A safe haven where little people can learn valuable skills in all learning areas, allowing enquiring minds to develop to their fullest potential.

At Kids Can everything is possible because all kids CAN achieve so much when they are enabled!

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