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We are an English medium school which offers four classes, each of which is managed on an individual basis by qualified and experienced teachers and who are closely monitored by the Principal, Cathy Williams.  This allows for the creation of a small nurturing environment for each class, giving little minds the opportunity to thrive and grow.  Our school isn’t a “sausage-factory” – time and care is taken to provide each individual with the best education possible.

There are three classes which cater for the 3-5 year old Tots.  Each class has a maximum of 16 children and these children are taken care of by a teacher and a full-time assistant teacher.  By 2013 the “mixed” ages in these classes will be phased out and we will offer a nursery class (3 year olds); Grade 00 (4 year olds) and Grade 0 (5 year olds).  The fourth class in the school is the Grade R (Reception) class which accommodates the 6 year olds.  This class has a maximum of 24 children and these Tots are taken care of by a qualified teacher and a full-time teacher’s aid.

A daily programme, which is theme related, is followed by our highly experienced educators focusing on the National Education Department requirements in Home Language (English), Maths and Life Skills.  For the younger Tots we focus particularly on emotional, social and intellectual development, offering on-going assessment and quarterly feed-back to parents.  Letterland features rather prominently in the daily programme too.

Our vision is to provide an environment which is conducive to learning – where little people can be given the foundation they’ll require to build a better future!

Our Mission

To provide a safe, nurturing environment where young children are encouraged to take their first steps to independence.

A safe haven where little people can learn valuable skills in all learning areas, allowing enquiring minds to develop to their fullest potential.

At Kids Can everything is possible because all kids CAN achieve so much when they are enabled!

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